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Government Data Shows 6-10th October was the Most Dangerous Week of the Year for Driving in 2014

We’ve analysed last year’s car accident statistics from a government report to find that 6th-10th October was the most dangerous week for driving – and October was the most dangerous month overall.

With a total of 2,682 accidents in this working week (Monday to Friday) last year, Claim Car Crash advises that drivers should be extra cautious during the equivalent week 5th-10th October this year and throughout the rest of the month.

In the car accident UK map to the right, we’ve used the GPS locations of every recorded accident to create a heat map, showing the car accident hot spots throughout that week. As you can see, the UK’s largest cities, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, are all accident hot spots. Scotland and Wales, on the other hand, have very few accidents in comparison.

What’s the bigger picture?

Beyond pinpointing the most dangerous week to be on the roads, we’ve analysed the data to provide further insight into RTAs in the UK last year.

The result? Men caused the most accidents, Friday was the worst working day of the week for crashes, and 5pm was the time at which these incidents were most likely to occur. Below, you’ll find more graphics based on these findings.

Are men or women most likely to crash?

The results overwhelmingly point to men being the most likely to have an accident – with men accounting for more than two times the amount of car accidents as women.


Which is the most dangerous month of the year?

October is the most dangerous month of the year for drivers, followed by November and January. This is to be expected as these are the colder months – and unlike December, these are months where people are still travelling to work every day.

October is also the month where the clocks change, so darker evenings could be having an effect, as drivers are not used to these conditions. Interestingly, the safest month to be on the road is February, followed by April.


Which is the most dangerous day of the week?

Unsurprisingly, Friday is the most dangerous day to be on the roads, as many people are driving home, tired after a long week at work, or travelling away for the weekend.


Which is the most dangerous time of day?

The number of car accidents peaks around rush hour – both at 8am and 5pm. However, 5pm is the time that more accidents happen, compared with the rest of the day. This is likely to be the result of people driving when they’re tired or stressed and in a rush to get home.


The government’s car accident data shows how more accidents occur as the weather turns – and with the most dangerous week approaching, ensure you’re ready for the winter. Read our Winter Driving Tips: Our Road Safety Guide to find out more.

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